Welcome to VRambling

Welcome to VRambling - The world's first fully 3D web browser for Google Cardboard.

The reason you should use this browser over older, traditional browsers are:
  • This browser includes a list of all of the VR websites out there on the internet that I could find. I do the work so you don't have to!
  • You do not have to take the phone out of the cardboard to switch between websites and turn on VR mode.
  • The magnet button or NFC button can be used to follow links or activate things inside websites.
  • You have back and home commands that can move you through pages like a proper browser
Here is how you control the browser:
  • Look at something for the red selection box
  • Pull the magnet sensor or press NFC button to select
  • Tilt your head to the left for 2 seconds to go back
  • Tilt your head to the right for 2 seconds to go home
Unfortunately, people are not making their web pages compatible with jumping straight to VR so there may be some weirdness for a few seconds after clicking on a link. I've got an idea of how to make this nicer, but haven't had the time to fix it yet.

There aren't many sites out there that support Cardboard or VR, so write your own and submit it to this app for inclusion on the list!

Do you know HTML, CSS and Javascript? Now you can be a VR developer! It's super easy to write VR websites, just check out the "hello world" and tutorials below.

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